Totem Figurine Cardboard Paper Dolls
I’ve become a strong advocate of paper dolls since realizing that my girls can spend hours entertaining themselves with them. The only issue? That whole paper thing. Let’s just say freak decapitations are are not an uncommon occurrence. So when I saw the book of cardboard paper dolls called Totem Figurines from the Dutch company Kidsonroof, I knew they were genius.

The book contains a dozen sweetly illustrated cardboard people and animals, each with their own cardboard stands. So play time is less about dressing them up and more about creating tableaux in which the Dutch girl with the red mittens hangs out with a bear, while her brother makes the chicken dance with the dog. Or let kids color the blank back side of each one and make their own characters.

The recommended age is 3+, presumably because the paper bases are small. But my 2 1/2 year old would be just fine with them.

The book itself is beautifully presented, tied together with strips of cloth so it’s all ready for holiday gift giving. If one of our grandparents happened to show up with one over the next month or so we wouldn’t complain. Just putting that out there. –Liz

Find cardboard paper dolls from Kidsonroof online at shops like Oompa Toys

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