For years I was mystified by the thong, an article of clothing that felt more “medieval torture device” than comfy undergarment. But, after hearing about Hanky Panky’s thongs, I gave them a try and have been a convert to their comfortable yet super-sexy lace thongs ever since. Heck, there may be days when I haven’t brushed my hair and have more stains on my shirt than I care to think about, but I always have a little more swing in my hips with Hanky Panky on underneath.

Just this weekend, in time for me to drop a ton of holiday-shopping hints, they’ve opened the Hanky Panky online store filled with their signature thongs, lingerie and more. Even those who have sworn to only wear organic will find something to make them feel sexy with Hanky Panky’s Cotton with a Conscience line. And if you’ve got sexier underwear on the holiday wish list, the holiday collection includes a thong ornament packaged in a star-shaped box ready for hanging. No kidding. Although that one might be a better gift for those of you with kids too young to ask, Mommy? What’s that on the tree?

Find Hanky Panky thongs and lingerie now online at