Cirque Du Soleil WintukThis time of year, the entire world descends on my fair city, or seems to, judging from the midtown traffic and my inability to get anywhere near the fitting rooms at H+M at lunchtime. So I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out a couple of really fantastic events to consider with the family if you’re going to be anywhere around NYC this holiday season.

Reviewing hot ticket performances is definitely not the worst part of my job here, especially when they’re as incredible as Wintuk by Cirque du Soleil.
It’s every bit as spectacular as all the Cirque du Soleil shows seem to
be, especially for those of us who still equate the circus with clowns
squirting water from their lapels.

The story of a young boy (who reminded me a little too much of Martin
Short) searching for an imaginary land with snow comes to life with
thrilling acrobatics and stunts, inventive puppetry, a bold soundtrack,
and just wonderful costumes–seriously, the performers all look like
they’ve stepped out of an Oilily catalog. But it’s not all oohs and
ahhs at Wintuk; there’s also a heavy dose of humor here. After all, no
one should ever be too old to laugh at a good Oh no! That guy pulled down my pants! sight gag.

Two year-olds won’t follow the plot, but they will be taken with the spectacle of it all. My four year-old however, is already asking to go back. Good thing there’s a 30% off coupon for kids’ tickets right now.

Radio City Christmas SpectacularI also had the pleasure of attending the Radio City Christmas Spectacular which
is on the polar opposite end of the spectrum from Wintuk – it’s
traditional, a little campy, and great great fun. Even the most
hardened skeptic won’t be able to resist the glitz and the spectacle
and the modern touches like a Chris Angel reference (seriously) and a
short 3-D Santa movie. Although secular celebrators should know that
this is a Christmas spectacular with a capital C – don’t expect equal
opportunity nods to Hanukkah or winter solstice; this is a show that culminates in a beautifully produced and unapologetically religious living
nativity scene.

Apart from the magic of those marvelous
Rockette kick lines, I was struck by just how welcome I felt all
evening. Everyone from the ticket takers to the woman scooping popcorn,
to the smiling janitor taking a broom to the lobby floor genuinely
thanked the guests for coming. They not only seemed happy to be there, they
seemed equally as happy to have 6,000 of us right there with them

It was like I almost had to remind myself that this was New York City in the first place. –Liz

Get tickets for Wintuk by Cirque du Soleil through Madison Square Garden and save 30% on tickets for kids under 12 with code KIDS25.

Get tickets for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular by 11/29, and promotion SN99 gets you discounted Radio City tickets that save you $25 on non-peak shows and $35 on peak shows up until 12/11