Tin Parade vintage party goodsWe’ve seen quite a few “party in a box” type services. A few are good, but most of them seem like you’re paying for someone else to go down to Target and grab a bunch of matching paper plates and streamers. I feel like if you’re going to shell out for the help, you might as well picks someone with awesome taste, who can track down some really special items that you might not have the time to do yourself.

That’s pretty much why I love having discovered Tin Parade vintage party goods. This LA-based mom-and-mom run service is the brainchild of a former ad agency art director and a former high-end wedding and event designer, so you have to assume that great taste is a given. Sure enough, themes like a Green Party (no relation to Ralph Nader) are done beautifully, and even tried and true themes like a Baseball Party or a Circus Party are made fresh enough with vintage-inspired goodies that they won’t look like your next-door-neighbor’s circus party. (Even though you planned yours first. Hmph.) The baby shower themes look absolutely lovely as well.

The focus here is on design and decor, including custom invitations and matching thank you notes, centerpieces and party favors. You can also order a la carte items which are so beautifully selected, I hope that Tin Parade considers adding some more functional items like cake servers and candles to the list.

This is not a frugalista pick. This is about creating a fancypants, fabulous party that impresses the hard-to-impress on your list. Although it may still be cheaper to bring this stuff into your own home than to rent out the local Gymboree. Just remember to add in the cost of a clean-up crew.

Unless your kid agrees to throwing a Housekeeper Themed Party with dustpans and bottles of Windex for all the guests.  Or wait a minute…that’s good. –Liz