Paperless Post holiday invitation
The answer to my not enough time during the holidays to breathe let alone send cards prayers has arrived in my inbox just in time for Christmas: Paperless Post. Two words that will forever ring more beautifully than the Christmas bells themselves. I mean it. 

We’ve written about Paperless Post before; it’s a smart site that gives your online invitations a lot more oomph than other online invitations. But now they’ve launched a new line of holiday greeting cards, too. Sanity-saving holiday greeting cards. 

For a minimal cost (the first 25 virtual stamps are free, and the next 100 cost $8), I can design my family Christmas cards and mail them to friends. All in ten minutes. There’s a great selection of non-photo cards (particularly if you like preppier styles), and qutie a few options where I can include a family photo. If I happened to have one where my son wasn’t making that crazy face he likes to do when a person with a camera is in front of him.

On top of the time and money these cards will save you, they’re a wonderful environmental choice, being paperless and all. That means even if I’m only going this route because it’s easy, my friends don’t have to know that. They can just think I’m being all eco-chic. –Stephanie

Find lovely online cards and invitations at Paperless Post

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