Zupers leggings for girls
My four year-old daughter recently informed me that jeans were “stupid.” Which, okay. Not the term I would use, but I get her point that she’d rather be wearing a dress, even to kick a soccer ball in the park.

I know for a fact mom, designer and entrepreneur Wendy Feller has walked in my shoes, because she invented Zupers. These durable, SPF 50 leggings for girls are commendably made right in the USA and feature a pair of cushy, removable, heart-shaped neoprene kneepads to encourage girls in dresses to do more than sit around and look demure. Including crawling; Zupers start at just 6 months.

My daughter realllly likes those hearts. But what she likes best is the secret treasure pocket down by the ankle. Presumably for the pennies she swipes from my night table before telling me that she “found money.”

Not all the prints are my style – you definitely need just the right funky outfit to pull off that zebra print without looking like the offspring of a real New Jersey housewife – but you can get a lot of mileage out of the solids and the denim pair is just adorable. In other words, not stupid at all. –Liz

Find cute, USA-made leggings for girls from Zupers.
(EDITED TO ADD 4/9/10) and we’re so excited to see they’ve just lowered the prices by $10. Cool!

Congratulations to Kathy O., lucky winner of a pair of leggings from Zupers! 

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