My name is Mir, and I like a good margarita. Judge me if you must.

I’m also kind of lazy, so my margaritas are generally limited to the rare dinner out with my husband. Can I make a margarita at home? Sure. Do I? Usually not (see aforementioned laziness). And the couple of times I’ve picked up a mix I’ve been astonished at the calories, the additives, or both. Yuck.

So when I started to unscrew this pretty bottle of Skinnygirl Margaritas, I was cautiously optimistic. Celebrity chef and erstwhile NYC “housewife” (you know, the funny one) Bethenny Frankel devised this concoction of clear tequila, Agave nectar, lime juice, and a little triple sec to be all-natural and low-cal–just 100 calories a serving.

I ended up adding a little more lime juice (I like a lot of lime), but my verdict comes down squarely in the “surprisingly good” camp. It’s not the most decadent margarita I’ve ever had and actually might be better being called something besides a margarita,  but as a cocktail I can pull out of the fridge and enjoy without diet guilt, yeah, I’ll drink it happily. In a salted glass, thanks.

You can order Skinnygirl Margaritas online from DrinkUpNY and find it in stores everywhere.

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