My kids are bouncing off the walls with cabin fever already and the constant refrain of “Santa is coming” isn’t helping out. For those moments when we need to seriously chill out without falling asleep, Renee & Jeremy’s new kids’ music CD C’mon suits us perfectly.

The LA duo of Renee Stahl and Jeremy Toback follow up their much-loved debut CD It’s a Big World with a dozen mellow beauties. With a sound I’d describe as Jack Johnson meets the coed Indigo Girls, C’mon is full of pretty harmonies and uplifting lyrics, like the opener Share. I’ll play that song a dozen times alone just to get the message across before the gifts are opened.

It is pretty obvious that Renee and Jeremy are parents themselves, since they sing about the sticky stuff of parenting too, like in the song Right Now, a song that sounds so sweet as they say “I know you want it, but you can’t have it. . .right now”. I’ll be the mom singing that at top of my lungs in the minivan. –Christina

Grab a copy of C’mon at the Renee & Jeremy website on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble.