felt diaper caddy from BabiesBreathA diaper caddy isn’t exactly the most essential piece in your nursery, but when you think about it, it’s pretty important. You use it several times a day, for three or four years–not even my crib got that much use. So when I saw a Toronto designer and mom had actually gone and reimagined the diaper caddy as something beautiful and decorative, I shouted a big amen.

Handmade out of wool felt then topstitched with sweet embroidery and appliqued, the WOOLi caddy from the Babies Breath Etsy shop looks structured enough to sit right on a changing table, but also has button-on straps if you prefer to attach it to the side of a crib or back of a chair or playpen. Best yet, when the kids are finally out of diapers (whoo-hoo!) you can find a ton of other uses for it, like storing costume jewelry, markers, or just the doodads that accumulate over the years.

I’m also liking the idea of the big wool felt toy boxes on the site, which pose about as much of a threat to your kids’ little fingers as teddy bear. I’d just say if you’ve got pets–the shedding kind, not the snake/gerbil/goldfish kind – then you should probably stick to a wooden toy box. Unless you like the look of mohair. –Liz

Find wool felt toy boxes and diaper caddies online at Babies Breath

[via kids haus]