scribble cards from Lead GrafittiIf I had to contribute one bit of mom wisdom to the new parents of the world, it would be to always have a stack of kid-friendly cards at the ready. My favorites have been the ones with space for your own children to scribble a drawing or scratch out their names, and make it personal. Even when the gift is not. (What! Sometimes I run out of ideas after the 15th classmate birthday party in a row.)

So I was thrilled to learn that a friend with a family-run letterpress studio developed the brilliance that is letterpress Scribble Cards. Instead of using an ink color to highlight the debossed hearts or candles or butterflies, they keep it pure white. That way your kid can take a crayon (or eleven) right to the hand-pressed card and make it all his or her own.

Color-your-own heart cards by Lead GrafittiWith Valentine’s Day coming up in a month, grab a set of the heart cards shown here to give out to teachers, sitters and friends. Then add a set of the candle Scribble Cards to get you through birthday party season. Which, as I’m discovering, actually never ends.

There’s one more bit of mom wisdom for you. –Liz

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Congratulations to Amanda D., lucky winner of a set of Scribble cards from Lead Grafitti!