Kids' t-shirt - Luv my monster
You’d think that with all those businesses out there designing hip/cool/adorable/clever tees for kids, a mother would be able to find at least one sweet monster design that was exactly to her taste. I mean, robots are everywhere. So are space aliens and bug-like creatures and Che Guevara. And those are great and all, but I’ve really been wanting some monsters for my little monster. Because I love monsters, and, also, because he is a monster. In toddler form, but still.

So I was really excited when I came across Luv My Lolly, an online kidswear shop that has some of the loveliest kids’ t-shirt designs I’ve seen, including a particularly sweet monster, blowing a dandelion no less.

Of course, the shop also has the requisite robots, as well as birds and elephants and squids – all of which are adorable – but it’s the monster I’ve got my eye on. It’s the cutest monster I’ve seen.

Aside from my own monster, of course. You know what I’m saying. –Catherine

Find more monstrously adorable kids and babies tees at Luv My Lolly


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