Nuddle Baby stroller blanket
The stories are true. It gets darn cold up here in Canada in the winter. The kind of cold that makes your kids stand inside, shivering as they look out the front door, let alone open it and walk out. So, if we ever want to go anywhere at all then we have to do whatever we can to keep warm. Enter the Nuddle Baby.

Soft as anything, this stroller blanket, a kid’s version of the original Nuddle,
is the perfect way to add a little warmth to a chilly winter walk. It’s not one of those giant sleeping bag zip-up muffs (and trust me, we have one of those for the coldest days). It’s more like a blanket that’s super-easy to secure to your child so you never have to worry about it falling off. Which, if your kids are anything like my wiggly, complaining kids, is key to not having to stop every three minutes to pick it up.

It has the lovely Nuddle foot pocket so the blanket stays wrapped around your kid’s feet, and there are holes near the top so you can fasten 5-point stroller straps all nice and easy without your little one getting frustrated as they wait for you to figure out anything complicated. (See previous comment about my wiggly, complaining kids.)

The only downside about the Nuddle Baby? Total mom jealousy. Seriously. On those icy cold days I think my daughter and I should have to draw straws for who gets to ride in the stroller under that thing. –Stephanie

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