You show me the woman who didn’t spend her pregnancy polling her friends as to their symptoms and decisions at similar points of gestation, and I’ll show you a bridge I have for sale (cheap). But while having girlfriends and relatives to talk to is great, but sometimes you want a broader perspective.

Now that broader sampling is right at your fingertips: Wiser Pregnancy aggregates responses to common pregnancy experiences and makes it easy to search by trimester, symptom, procedure–whatever you may be facing. Each issue shows you the total responses, how many people answered, and allows you to filter by everything from age to education level, so you can see how many 30 year old college grads on their second child are also having hemorrhoids. If that’s what you want to know.

Once you’ve seen how others responded, add your experience, too. Eventually the site could be like the benevolent Borg of pregnancy. And unfortunately there’s no question about being a Trekkie geek like me. -Mir

Check out Wiser Pregnancy to see what other expectant moms are experiencing.

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