Get organized with Filex filing folders
I just had a discussion with a friend about how beautiful file folders can make an instant difference in your mood when you sit down at your desk, whether that desk is in a cozy nook of your bedroom or in the midst of white cubicle hell. The first place I think to look for decorative folders is International Arrivals, which, despite the totally misleading name, has nothing to do with traveling and everything to do with cool office supplies.

They have a dandy collection of Filex Filing Folders, like my favorite, the wood-grained Emma folder shown here. Invest a wee bit on a few sets of these folders, and 2010 just may be the year you file all your receipts as you go along, instead of killing yourself all at once in one crazy last minute tax rampage in April. –Liz

Find cool office supplies for grownups and kids at International Arrivals.

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