Dried fruit snacks for kids from Funky Monkey
I once packed the same apple in my son’s lunch for an entire week. Every afternoon it was still there, and he’d promise to eat it the next day, and then he’d bring it home again. And it’s not even that he doesn’t like apples, but as he says, it’s “complicated” to eat a whole apple in a 20-minute lunch period.

But when I pack Funky Monkey dehydrated fruit snacks, (warning: site has sound) which are basically three full servings of deyhdrated fruit and some spices, they always get eaten.

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There’s no added sugar (I know you were wondering!), it’s preservative-free, gluten-free, and no matter what fresh fruit is in season or whether I made it to the grocery store that week or not, I know my kids are getting a healthy dose of real fruit. Show me a kid who can resist Bananamon (banana with cinnamon) or Jivealime (lime-flavored pineapple) and I still won’t believe you. -Mir

You can buy Funky Monkey snacks at your local store, or through our affiliate, Amazon.

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