Bella Muse Nest CardMy friend is currently 26 weeks pregnant with her second daughter. Unfortunately, like her first pregnancy, she has been checked into the hospital for bed rest and will stay until the end of her pregnancy. Although she has books and crafts, the boredom and depression is starting to set in. I would like to send her a thoughtful gift to help her through this difficult time. Do you have some wonderful ideas?

You are so awesome to help your friend
through the next few months of waiting, Dawn. We hope some of our ideas will help
her pass the time feeling a little less lonely or bored.

Sun Coat Polish

If you live nearby, turn a friendly hospital visit into something
special by hiring a manicurist to come and make you both feel pampered and pretty. Call some local salons to see if they have any manicurists
who can make a “house” call, and enjoy your time together. Make sure
the manicurist has safe nail polish for pregnant mamas, like Sun Coat
, or pick up a few bottles to bring along.

Shutterfly Photo Book

A digital frame
loaded with photos of friends and family would be a great gift — maybe
even collect photos specifically taken to cheer her up or make her
laugh. If she has a laptop, sending her an Animoto video could make her
day too. And, if she prefers her photos in hard cover, a photo book from
is another thoughtful option.

Gift Lit

Since you mentioned she’s only about seven months pregnant, she has a
lot of time on her hands. Send her a basket of books based on her
interests from our favorite, Gift Lit, or some beautiful Posh Puzzle
. Nothing like struggling through a crossword for 6 hours to make the time fly.

Abe's Market Soap

You may decide to send her smaller, but more frequent,
reminders that you are thinking of her: A note every few days to make
her smile (Jack Cards, shown at top makes ordering great cards super easy); a small
box of decadent chocolate like this one from TerraSource; or natural hand
cream, soap or lotion from Abe’s Market in her favorite scent. Try something light and citrusy like grapefruit for a nice aromatherapeutic pick-me-up.

Whatever you decide to do, she is lucky to have you as such a
thoughtful and caring friend. And we wish her all the best in the coming weeks. -Christina

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