tommee tippee sippy cups
Expat mums in the US or those just enamored (or enamoured?) of European baby products will be delighted to know that Tommee Tippee, Britain’s #1 megabrand of sippies and bottles is about to flood American malls – or at least those with a Toys R Us in them.

It’s nice to have yet another choice of phthalate- and BPA-free bottles and feeding products widely available, especially now that the FDA has gotten their act together and decided that the chemical company-funded studies that “proved” BPA safe miiiight not be all that reliable after all.

Products like the Tommee Tippee weaning cup and baby bowls are nicely designed, and while I haven’t tried out the Explora Easi-Roll Bibs myself, they look like a slightly more affordable version of the Baby Bjorn bibs (which I love). 

Mamas-to-be? Go get registry happy with those scanner guns. Baby’s coming and she’s going to need to eat. –Liz

Find Tommee Tippee bottles, nipples, sippy cups and other feeding products exclusively in the US through the Toys R Us website and in stores starting March 2010

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