Rock-a-thigh Baby Thigh High Socks
So when I first saw the email from Jennifer Dutcher asking us to check out her new business called Rock-a-thigh Baby, I admit to having visions of baby high heels and feather boas. On the contrary, this mom of four has created a pretty cool baby legwarmer and tights hybrid that I’m completely smitten with.

These adorable, and eco-friendly thigh highs are made right here in the USA from a soft cotton blend of 100% pre-consumer yarn (read: recycled from new fabrics) with Oeko-Tex certified dyes. They cover your kiddo’s legs right up to their bum, making diaper changes simple, or as simple as they can be with a roly poly 15 month old. And since they are sized up to 2-4 years, your toddler or preschooler can wear them too.

Unlike baby legwarmers, they don’t require the need for socks in the winter months, and the special grippers on the feet means I don’t have to worry about my new walker ice skating (and wiping out) on our hardwood floors. And the best part of all, they stay up. Even on mildly chubby thighs. Score! -Kristen

Check out the cool baby thigh high socks at Rock-a-Thigh Baby.

Congratulations to Donna M., lucky winner of a pair of thigh high socks from Rock-a-Thigh Baby!

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