Valentine's Day Card from Green ShantiAre you stuck in a never-ending search for Valentine’s Day cards that don’t embarrass you to send to anyone over the age of five? Let’s just say glossy, cheap, mass produced images of kittens tangled in yarn don’t always convey the message for me.

Instead, check out the textured, funky, eco-friendly cards from Green Shanti. The cards are made by hand in India and Nepal by communities of artisans, and no trees were destroyed

to get your love message out there–instead they use raw materials such as silk, jute, cotton rag, coconut shells, banana fiber, dried leaves, beads and spices.

They’re expensive, so it’s definitely the kind of card that is the gift (they are frameable for sure), or goes along something fancy. For a lot less you’ll also find handmade stationery in box sets that are just as lovely.

It’s all perfectly subtle to send to all manner of grown ups, but artisan enough to give to sweethearts of any age. And best of all, no big-eyed kittens. – Barbara

Find spectacular cards, stationery and giftwrap at Green Shanti.