Make your own hair clip kit for kidsOkay, friends, we’re going to put a happy little flower right here, just a sparkly little daisy….

(Come on, I’m not the only Bob Ross fan here right?)

If you’ve ever looked at a cute hair clip only to say, “I can make that
myself!” (but you never do), then you’re going to love the clever Kensey Lu Create-a-Clip set which is
more than a Bedazzler and a Hairigami combined. Unless you’re me, and then you become more of a backseat artist/maidservant as your pint-sized princess takes creative control.

First of all, the box is so cute that my husband wouldn’t shut up about it over breakfast, and he’s a freakin’ cagefighter.  But when you open the box, it’s so charming that you almost pass out.  Everything you need to make 8 adorable, high fashion hair clips is perfectly packaged in precise packets. And the glue dries in 30 minutes, so you get nearly instant, glittery gratification.

In addition to the basic kit, you can purchase additional appliques, extra supplies for even more clippy goodness, or a 6-pack of kits for the ultimate diva DIY party.  The instructions were a little muddy at times, so we just checked out one of our boring old hair clips for guidance.

The kit is recommended for 6+, but my three-and-half-year old got a kick out of ordering me around for an hour.  For a while there, I actually thought my name was More Jewels, Mommy. –Delilah

Find fabulous make your own barrette kits from Kensey Lu and use coupon code COOL15 for 15% off your purchase.

Congratulations to Ashley L and Kathryn R – lucky winners of a Kensey Lu Create-a-Clip kit!