MRK eLocket iPhone appWe’re always excited to learn when there’s something new going on at The Fine Art of Family, one of our favorite-est ever independent designers of heirloom keepsake jewelry. Because it’s inevitably something we will covet. But while not all of it is within everyone’s budgets right now, here’s one lovely new item that everyone can afford: The new MRK eLocket.

This iPhone app lets you upload and crop your favorite photos, insert it into the “locket,” type a personalized engraved message on the back, then put it up on Facebook or send it out to friends and family. It’s a thoughtful little thing to do for long-distance relatives, and cute way to show the first baby pictures, too.

Of course the really cool thing to do would be to send this to a grandparent or favorite sister, make them think that that’s their Valentine’s Day gift–and then surprise them with the real deal on the 14th with the very same photo in it. The round half locket necklace starts at a relatively affordable $190 in sterling silver, and goes up from there. But of course, that’s not quite the one I have my eye on.

Ahem.  –Liz