Fiesta Head kids whiskOf all the things to gawk at, at the sprawling Atlantis Resort last weekend, there was one thing that seemed to catch the eye of every editor there–the bright, kid-friendly cooking utensils in the Kids Club.

Sadly when I found info on the nested mixing bowls that looked so fabulous on the shelves, they turned out to be a whopping $49.99 for a set that gets dismal Amazon ratings. But I was happy to discover the Fiesta Heads silicone whisk, spatula and pastry brush which the kids had a blast playing with before the cooking even started, thanks to the fun character-like shapes. They’re not cheap either, but they are built to last. And they’d make a cool gift for a budding chef who’d be excited to have his very own set of kitchen stuff.

His own set of kitchen stuff with belly buttons on it. –Liz

Find the nested mixing bowls by Joseph Joseph and Fiesta Heads silicone utensils for kids at our affiliate Amazon.

[h/t lil’ sugar, digital dads]