Tollipop print
I love little prints of little girls (as anyone familiar with our art archives probably can garner). So when I saw an entire of gallery them from Kirsten at Tollipop I immediately started bookmarking.

Kristen is a real artist, writer, and creative visionary who sells original watercolors and prints of sweet little girls – and one boy. Goes by the name of Edwin Fink. Actually what I think is cool about them is that they’re are not too sweet at all. In fact, I see a wee bit of Edward Gorey in her children, which is in part what makes them so interesting. I’m especially liking the prints from her original Hundred Dresses series like Lucy seen here.

For just $12 each unframed, grab a series of your three faves and create a triptych your daughter can get lost in for a long time to come.  -Liz

[via design mom]

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