Hoppop baby bath tubWe saw a whole lot of baby gear (a lot) at the ginormous ABC Kids Show in Las Vegas last summer, but very little stays with us all these months later. One exception however, is the cheerful European Hoppop Baby gear, which Kristen, Julie and I all made a beeline for, and ever since, we’ve been waiting–impatiently–for its US release.

Well hallelujah–it’s here!–and we get to be the first to tell you about it.

This collection of registry-ready baby and kids gear is just beautifully designed, but equally as practical. The anchor product is a very innovative diaper bag that converts to a child booster seat
called the Dupl, which is fabulous for travel or avoiding the icky ones at the diner. Watch the demo on their
site – it’s quite cool.

hoppop convertible booster seatThe Dupl diaper bag took Europe by storm a couple of years ago and was so popular they built out the collection. Now they’re serving up a smart looking baby bath tub, a fun little child’s step stool, and two funky potties including the smaller donut potty that’s great for travel or stashing at Nana’s house. Each ones is white with accents of either fuchsia, aqua, or everyone’s favorite 21st century gender-neutral color, lime green. (Let’s give lime green a hand!)

Hooray for our babies growing up around stylish, functional design. –Liz

Find Hoppop Baby gear  from our affiliate amazon and diapers.com

Congratulations to Laura M, lucky winner of the Hoppop Baby tub, potty, and step stool!