PaigeLauren baby kimono gown
For some time now I’ve had my eye on the beautiful organic baby clothes from L.A.’s PAIGELAUREN baby. These suuuuper soft, really lovely designs are just the kind of thing that make the perfect gift for your picky mama friend who likes her baby clothes simple, classic, and tailored. In other words, no ironic tees that say Boob Man.

The locally-made, certified organic cotton basics are all pretty darn covetable, from footie pajamas called Crawlers to the yummy kimono gown that’s ready made for sleeping baby photo ops. But what I really like are their baby bodysuits which range from kimono styles to a fabulous short-sleeved collared onesie in preppy shades with names like marine, oyster and seashell. Designer/Parsons grad Page Lauren definitely knows what she’s doing: The detailing is just fabulous and if she made those tees in my size, I’d be all over them. Hint.

PaigeLauren baby bodysuit
As for the prices, well, this is an LA company. Don’t expect Wichita prices — except for this month, when everything is on sale for 40% off with code LOVE. Stock up while you can. Surely someone you like somewhere is getting pregnant this very second. Maybe even you.

What? It’s cold out. –Liz

Find beautiful organic baby clothes from ‘s PAIGELAUREN baby. and save 40% with code LOVE through 2/28/10.

Congratulations to Catherine W, lucky winner of the PAIGELAUREN baby bodysuit!

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