Cate & Levi nursery art
One of the stand-outs to me at this year’s overwhelming Toy Fair show weren’t actually toys at all, but the lovely handmade wall art from CMP fave Cate and Levi. Like their original, one-of-a-kind stuffed animals, the critters are pieced together beautifully from reclaimed wool.

Even nicer is that these fuzzy fabric friends can be hung over a crib without glass, and if the baby hoists herself up on the rails and grabs at a picture? So much the better. The sheep looks plenty friendly and I’d imagine even the crocodile won’t bite.

I was also happy to see that the prices don’t bite so much either–each one comes in under $40 for something handmade with love. Plus, Cate & Levi has a new line of handmade Pillow Pal stuffed animals which come in at nearly half the price of their original designs. A little less “collector’s item,” a little more “my kid takes it everywhere.” Nice. –Liz

Find a nice selection of Cate and Levi wall art and stuffed creatures at Dwell Smart


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