Crumpler backpacks for kids
You probably already know Crumpler for their sturdy, stylish bags for adults. Or at least you should. But now they’ve gone and shrunk two of their favorites down to kid-size and it’s definitely worth a look.

The Baby Pea preschool backpack is for the 2-4 set, and the Baby Anchovy (pictured here) is for those 3-5. Though, truthfully, I think kids up to about age 8 will find the Baby Anchovy backpack perfectly ample for their needs. Unless they’re toting home bags full of bricks or 30-foot dioramas from school. Hope not.

Both bags come in a variety of colors, and are constructed just like their older/bigger counterparts, with sturdy fabric, reinforced stitching, and ergonomic straps for maximum comfort. Not to mention a conspicuous lack of cartoon characters. They’re not super cheap but they are made to last.

It’s a great, durable option for kids getting too old for the cutesie backpacks–or the moms who were never actually into them in the first place. -Mir

Order your children’s backpacks direct from Crumpler online.

Congratulations to Danielle C, lucky winner of the Baby Anchovy pack!

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