Kiki magazine for girls
Oh, Kiki magazine, where have you been all my daughter’s life?

Where are the scantily clad waifs in thousand-dollar outfits? Where are all the advertisements for more stuff that no one needs? Where are the tips and tricks about how to land boys, kiss boys, think properly about boys, and then tell boys no? Conspicuously absent, I’ll say.

Kiki is fashion and style and activities and crafts and book chat and common sense talk about being happy and healthy, peppered with pictures of girls in all shapes and sizes. It totally passed the litmus test with my tween (“Hey Mom, do you have any more of these? And can we make this skirt? They have directions!”), and if I ever meet Kiki’s mom-creator Jamie Bryant I am going to have a hard time not kissing her full on the lips.

Not that I would’ve learned how to do that from Kiki.

I did learn however that yes, Virginia, it is possible to make a fabulous, smart, general-appeal magazine for girls 8+ without resorting to money and sex as the underlying themes. Style and substance, indeed. -Mir

You can subscribe to Kiki magazine online, and don’t be surprised if you enjoy it as much as your daughter.


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