You've Been Sentenced word game for families
Family game night getting a little stale? Gather round for a whole new game of speed, literacy, and I’d say, hilarity with this dandy little game I’ve found right here for you mamas of older kids.

You’ve Been Sentenced! is deceptively simple; each player draws ten cards, flipping them simultaneously as the timer is set. Before time runs out, build a sentence. Easy, right? Each pentagonal card contains five variations of a word (say, zip, zips, zipped, zippy and zipper) with different point values depending on the form, so theoretically it should be easy to come up with something.

Except that the clock is running out… and you get bonus points for using all of your cards… and the sentence has to make sense. Come scoring time, you have to defend your creation, and the jury gets to vote. My career (okay, maybe more a touch of OCD) demanded that I try to use all the cards every time, and then my cruel, cruel family voted me down over and over. I was wounded. But I was laughing too hard to care. Because maybe Girlish shapes fumbled to dripping glasses smelling both of yucky you makes perfect sense, somewhere. -Mir

You can buy You’ve Been Sentenced directly from McNeill Designs or from our affiliate, Amazon.

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