Fotobabble photo sharing website - record a message
It’s all well and good when I shoot a picture or two off to my parents from my phone while the kids are at an event, but then sometimes I forget (or don’t have time) to type in a complete explanation. Later, my dad calls me up and says, That was great, but what the heck was it?

But now that I can either visit the free Fotobabble photosharing website or load up the Fotobabble iPhone app, I’ve got everything I need to make sure that each picture can tell its story. Just load in a picture, record a quick message, and then you have the option to email or post that photo any of the places you might want to share it. And it’s super easy.

Plus, now the picture of my son with crazy hair is that much more awesome with a dry, He says he can’t find his brush. Do you think maybe it’s tangled up in there, somewhere? voiceover.  Yes, I’m easily amused. -Mir

Start making your pictures talk at the Fotobabble site.

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