Sculptz shaper tights
Yes, it’s true. My body is…wait for it….imperfect. I know that’s shocking with me being a 40-something mom of two and all but, you know. Biology. It’s no secret that I’ve always been a big Spanx fan, so I haven’t really found much need to venture into the rest of the world of shapewear. But then I had the chance to try Sculptz, and wow, call me impressed.

The shapewear tights are a far cry from the control top L’Eggs I remember dabbling in (before I needed them) – the shaper top is super comfortable, and really does uh, hold you in quite nicely. As for the tights themselves, I thought they were comparable to Wolford quality which accounts for the price–the weave is even and luxurious, and the colors are so beautiful, I find myself planning outfits around plum legs.

sculptz before/after
I’m loving the pattern tights which are so hot right now; check out the ribbed tights which are on sale now for 30% off.The opaque leggings look like another winner, made with a high-quality 70 denier fabric, and I’m looking forward to the new Sculptz styles coming out for spring.

Yes, so the name lives in Spanx-wannabe land. But you know, my butt doesn’t seem to really care. –Liz

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