neckties for boys
Okay so there’s still snow a-plenty in my neck of the woods known as Brooklyn, but in no time it will be the season for Easter duds and Passover dinners and spring weddings and seersucker. So when I saw the custom, handcrafted neckties for boys from Bella Bows [edited: Now called The Belle and the Beau) at The Silly Wagon, I nearly died from the cuteness – and the promise of warmer days.

Each tie is individually made by hand in a range of lovely fabrics, from this this season’s hot polkadots, to paisleys, to classic ticking stripes, and they start at just $23.95 – not bad at all for custom work.  Smarter yet, they come in sizes from 6 months right up through adult in case Daddy wants to match.

They also have clip-on bow tie styles. Which is so darn uncool it’s pretty cool. Grab that kid a newsboy hat and a wedding invite, will you? –Liz

Find neckties for boys at The Silly Wagon
or at the etsy shop, The Belle and the Beau

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