Vintage Baby Revival Handknit Poncho
The weather is turning here in the South, which means that winter coats are way too heavy after the first few morning hours, while the super light spring jackets are too light. So it’s the perfect time for my fave in-between season cover-up, the poncho.

We just discovered the gorgeous hand knit baby ponchos from Vintage Baby Revival, and mom and owner Melissa McColl’s lovely pieces make e a fabulous option for these cool late winter and early spring days. Each is hand knit from local Canadian wool with coordinating vintage buttons as the closure. I’ve got my eye on the Poppy n’ Heath poncho (pictured), which pairs two of my favorite colors but they’re all pretty great.

If you’re not a poncho worshipper yet, definitely think about converting. Particularly if you’re tired of the daily zip and button battles with your children. Ah…now I’ve got you thinking. -Kristen

Visit Vintage Baby Revival for a slew of gorgeous handknit kids clothes.

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