Vaska Herbatergent natural laundry detergent
With three kids and one exercise-loving husband, I do a lot of laundry. Quaint concepts like separating whites, de-tangling socks and pre-treating stains have long flown out the window in the interest of saving time and just-finishing-the-damn-laundry-already.

So, I wasn’t sure what kind of results I’d get trying out the Berkeley-based Vaska’s Herbatergent which uses natural herbal cleaning agents. It all sounds nice and eco-friendly, but not exactly as tough as “bleachy-mcStain-fighting-power-scrubbing-bubbles.”

But after about 30 loads of laundry, I can tell you that whatever those natural herbal cleaning agents are, they’re working because our clothes look great. Plus I feel a little better about the gray water that ends up in our septic.

The consistency of Vaska’s Herbatergent is a little more watery than viscous, so I have to slow down a bit when pouring, but that’s okay with me because I l-o-v-e the real lavender scent. And, I’ve noticed that my six year old who is always scratching her sensitive skin off in winter hasn’t complained of being itchy once since we made the switch to this all-natural detergent.

For tough stains like blood or paint, you’ll need to pre-treat or ignore them (I chose the latter.) Or there’s always Vaska’s Spotoff stain remover or Oxygenbleach which I’d be willing to try given how much I love their laundry detergent.

Best yet: I didn’t find Vaska’s price to be any higher than some of the big brands. So there’s one less thing to hate about doing laundry. –Christina

You can buy Vaska Herbatergent natural laundry detergent in Light Lavender or Scent Free from our affiliates Alice (free delivery!) or Amazon
if you’re ordering in bulk

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