I really hate losing an hour of sleep to Daylight Savings Time, but I’m also thrilled beyond belief that the season of Throwing the Children Outside to Play is nigh. And I’m pretty sure they will stay out even longer if they have something as cool as MOOV to keep them occupied.

MOOV had me all a-flutter when I saw their booth this past February at Toy Fair. Kind of like a giant Erector Set of wood and rubber, MOOV goes from a pile of pieces into super cool-looking kid-sized toys like the coasting bike in the Starter Kit (shown), or the sleek looking chopper in the two larger MOOV Advanced or MOOV Street Kits.

When kids get tired of one design, they can take it apart and try something else.

None of the bikes or carts have pedals, so don’t expect your kids to tear off down the driveway unless you live on a hill, and some of the projects, like the helicopter or “Dino Bird” aren’t ride on toys at all, but just look neat.

I must confess that I am equally enamored that MOOV is simple enough for even a grade schooler to assemble with just minimal oversight–meaning I don’t have to spend my afternoon cursing directions and trying to find the right size screwdriver. In fact, MOOV doesn’t need any tools at all because all the pieces are held together by nifty rubber rings.

Such ingenuity does come at a price, though, perhaps because the parts are designed and made in the Netherlands and not by the country with the lowest bidding factory. Before suggesting you fork over the cash, I do think MOOV would be best suited for kids like my son who seem hardwired to spend hours taking things apart and putting them back together. But, so help me, if he needs a reason to make the Snowscooter this spring, I’m going to scream. –Christina

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