I spent so long reading the instructions on a card game yesterday that I finally gave up and took my kids to the playground, where they invented a game that involved dumping sand on each others’ heads. This morning’s bath was grittier than Paula Deen, but I was reminded that sometimes the best toys don’t need an instruction manual.

Our friends at Natural Pod have a sweet new toy for spring that runs on pure imagination and would be perfect in an Easter basket. It’s called simply: Birds Nest.

A cute little bird’s nest of reclaimed wood holds three darling eggs nestled in natural fiber bedding.  Every piece is unique,  hand-turned on a lathe and hand-rubbed with mineral oil, making it the Kobe Beef of toys. It’s pretty enough to sit on your shelf, and best of all, it requires no batteries, no birdseed, and no instructions.

And what will your little sprites play with such a simple but elegant toy and a verdant imagination? Who knows. They look like bird eggs, but there could always be turtles or dinosaurs in there. Or, at my house, sand fairies.~Delilah

In honor of the third anniversary of our friends at Natural Pod, take 15% off everything in the shop including a great selection of handamde and natural toys. Use code “springbirthday10” through 3/21/10.

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