Wacky Pack t-shirt from 10 Again Clothing
I grew up in the heyday of Mad Magazine and Wacky Packages and clearly my son has inherited both my twisted sense of humor and appreciation for fine parody. We both did a happy dance when we saw these new kids’ Wacky Pack T-shirts from 10 Again Clothing.

Moms and dads will appreciate the 70’s flashback of great labels such as Slam Jims, and Cap’n Crutch, with some clever new additions, my favorite being Slacker Jack. They have the vintage look of a 35-year old t-shirt that’s been washed so many times it’s super duper soft. The toddler shirts, available at Kitsel range from 6m through 6T.

Yes, some parents may find these shirts a little “fresh,” or the images a little gross for a four-year old — Kentucky Fried Fingers, anyone?

But, for those of us who loved the trading cards as kids and don’t mind a little dark humor, it’s the perfect way to pay homage as a grown up. And hey, if we can’t dress our toddlers in clothing for our own amusement, well, what’s the fun in that? -Betsy

Find all the Wacky Packs vintage kids’ t-shirts from 10 Again Clothing at Kitsel. Get 15% off orders $25, or more, enter coupon code COOL18. (Can’t be combined with any other offers, or used for furniture or jewelry). Good through 3/31/10.


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