Tween girls' t-shirt from Axl's Closet
As the mother of a fashion-conscious tween, I am here to tell you that sizes 10-14 or so are a forgotten wasteland when it comes to outfitting your kid. Little kid clothes are plentiful and varied, but the choices taper off with each successive size. Most days I’m faced with the choice between Too Mature and Too Boring, with precious little in between.

I tell you this to explain my elation over discovering Axl’s Closet, which not only stocks plenty of kid-approved options in the 8-14 age range, but does so from trendy labels that don’t succumb to skimpy hemlines and questionable implications.

(Because no, my daughter will never be walking around with Juicy written across her butt as long as I’m buying the clothes.)

Roxy, Patagonia, Harajuku Lovers, oh my. And how much do I love their store-label skull t-shirts for just $12? Almost as much as the kids do. Awesome. -Mir

Shop Axl’s Closet online for hip kids’ and tween clothes in sizes from 4-14 and save 20% off your order through 4/30/10 with code coolmompicks_20%

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