Bookplates by Zucchini and Co.
As a former buyer of books for a chain of toy stores, it’s pretty much redundant for me to tell you that my children have amassed quite the library. But when you’re five (or, say, twenty-nine-and-a-half years older than five), you can sometimes be a little possessive of your precious books.

Which is where the adorable bookplates from Zucchini and Co. could swoop in and save the day. This lovely etsy shop is one we found through our Valentine’s Day card contest – the owner was one of the talented winners. And these bookplates are absolutely perfect.

Sold in packages of seven (okay, so I’d have to buy a lot of packages – but the store will do custom orders), these little ink drawings are printed on sticker paper ready for my son to claim all those books as his. And for me to claim the other ones as mine.

Not really sure where that leaves my daughter and husband but, hey, they can always get their own bookplates. –Stephanie

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