The Head of State Limited Edition Travel Poster Series
With a family of two girls and one boy, decorating a playroom with a gender neutral theme is a bit more complicated than it sounds. But thanks to the new limited edition travel poster series from design studio The Heads of State, I’m no longer at a loss for inspiration.

These screen printed serigraph posters would make the perfect wall accent for a cool playroom, kid’s room, or the rest of your living space, whether it’s to celebrate the birth cities of your brood (like mine who were all born in different places) or to plant that travel bug in your kiddos super early. Or hey, what’s wrong with a little good old local pride without succumbing to sports team pennants?

san francisco travel poster
The simple yet striking color schemes and graphics representing eight different US cities look great together in groups or all by themselves, and the prices are extremely reasonable, especially compared with those vintage travel posters which can run you a small fortune.

Best of all, these prints are mature enough that they’ll grow with your kids–you know, until they’re ready to actually visit these places. Alone. Ack. -Kristen 

Check out the limited edition travel
poster series
from The Heads of State.

[via swiss miss]


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