hiLo high chairWhen you discover a kids shop through the Wallpaper* Magazine Facebook Fan Page, it’s a pretty good bet they’re going to have taste up the wazoo. So when I clicked over to ella+elliot, yep. That’s just what I found.

This beautiful Toronto store carries pretty much every brand we covet, and their crib selection alone will make modernists get as drooly as their babies. But I was really excited to discover this new-to-me HiLo high chair by Canada’s Age Design, which comes in all sorts of fabulous colors and rings in at about half the price of other popular modern high chairs. Still not Target cheap, by any stretch of the imagination, but it does offer a ton of versatility since it converts from a high chair to a regular chair to a loft-style chair at a kitchen counter. You might even get a good five years out of it, if your six year-old is still willing to sit in it.

If you’ve got high-end tastes with only a medium high-end budget, don’t miss ella+elliot’s floor model clearance sale where you can get yourself that Nurseryworks bookshelf you’ve had your eye on for 25% off. –Liz

Find modern baby furniture, gifts and ecor online at ella+elliot. For info on floor models for sale,  Canadian mamas, contact the store.
They’ll hook you up.