Everybody Needs a Rock children's book by Byrd Baylor
Everyone always asks where we find children’s books, and the truth is, the best ones always come recommended by my mother. How lucky we are to have a teacher in the family! This past weekend, my four year-old grabbed Byrd Baylor’s  Everybody Needs a Rock off her bookshelf, and was instantly smitten.

This lovely story is that rare one that doesn’t talk down to kids, it doesn’t speak in rhymes as it describes how important it is that every kid has one special rock in their lives. Even more than a tricycle. Even more than a three-room playhouse.

The author lays out ten poetic rules for choosing your rock:

A rock as big as
an apple
is too big.
A rock as big as
a horse
too big.

The earthy line drawings by Peter Parnall are evocative and soulful, and I particularly love that the narrator is a girl. But most of all, in a world where kids are often faced with BIGGER LOUDER FASTER MORE it really is nice to be reminded of the importance of making decisions thoughtfully and carefully – and of course, of the quiet joy of a rock in your pocket on a spring afternoon. –Liz

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Needs a Rock
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