modern bird studios custom artGrowing up, we had a big framed photo of my family that was a Mother’s Day gift for my mom. How I hated that photo only five years later, with our embarrassing clothing, my poofy hair style, the cheesy backdrop. It isn’t something I plan to repeat with my family.

Fortunately, I have options, like the custom art made by Modern Bird Studios which uses a regular old .jpg of my family, but turns it into something way cooler than just a big blown-up version of that photograph.

Instead, Modern Bird Studios’ Gregg Deal uses digital work, hand artistry and actual painting to create a two-color abstract work of art. I love how he strips away all but the most important aspects of the photo, so instead of focusing on the style of a shirt or the cat in the background, you really notice expressions and emotion.

What’s really different from similar services that we’ve seen, is that they’re not printed on canvas, but on wood (an oak composite) which won’t warp over time. And it isn’t fussy: It doesn’t need framing and will look great either hanging on the wall or propped up on the mantle.

And, in five years, my kids and I will likely still think it looks pretty cool. -Christina

Visit Modern Bird Studios for more information on ordering your own custom artwork from a photograph. Also check out the Pre-Designed Series of pictures.

[Thanks ilina!