I’ve been to enough birthday parties to have witnessed that infamous phenomenon by which the giftee ignores all the fancy toys and plays with a box instead. And while I wouldn’t recommend you wrap up a plain box, I think the recipient of Green Lullaby’s clever Multi-boxes will think you are a brilliant gift-giver for many reasons.

The three corrugated cardboard boxes are made from 60% recycled content and adorably designed to
look like oversized alphabet blocks. The modern shades on each facade will go with any color scheme, even those nurseries that ooze minimalist cool. And they each feature a removable lid for super-handy storage wherever it is needed most–Next to the changing table when the baby is little, or in the playroom when toys start to spill out of every corner of the house.

Each seemingly mild-mannered Multi-box holds up to 110 pounds so your kids could use them as seats too. But I’m pretty sure mine would drag them around the kitchen to try to reach the shelf on which I hide the sweets. –Christina

Get a set of Green Lullaby’s Multi-boxes at the amazing Abe’s Market–which has so many cool things, they’re also featured in our Mother’s Day Gift Guide this year. Save 10% off your entire order through May 15, 2010 with code CMP10 (one time use per customer)