Photo art print from Print SocietyIt was somewhere in my mid-twenties that I vowed to never again buy a cheesy reproduction; adults collected art, not dog-eared posters. Of course, it didn’t occur to me that most work I would consider “art,” would probably be far too dear for my pocketbook. And while I often fell in love with work I saw in magazines and online, there was no chance of finding out how to buy a print for myself.

I wish I had then to what I have access to now: Print Society. It’s like Etsy, but exclusively for artists and buyers focused on prints. They don’t actually sell anything though; they just link to the places that do. Prices run from a few dollars (really) well into the hundreds and beyond.

50 celebrity robots printThere’s plenty of fine art suitable for grown-up decor, like the Julianne Swartz photo, above, but you might also find something for the kids’ room, like the cool 50 celebrity robots letterpress print, right.

If you don’t know where to start, check out the “Explore prints” widget, which lets you browse by editors’ picks, pricing or artist. They even run a gallery of favorite from guest curators, like Laura Holder, the Design Director for The Wall Street Journal online. Or, simply trust your own taste. –Barbara

Find original art and photography online at Print Society.