For the last five years, I have done my best to figure out what the heck to do with my oldest daughter’s awesome artwork. As you probably know, the fridge display only works for so long, and while framing it would be nice, how do I pick just one?

Well, thank you Lil DaVinci Art Cabinets for completely solving my dilemma. These super cool, affordable, and attractive modern frames allow you to display your kids’ art, and store it too. Up to 50 pieces, in fact.

Just open up the glass door, place the art in the spring-loaded pocket, and you’ve got a fantastic way to display those water color masterpieces or sparkle glue tour de forces.

Psst, this will make a great Mother’s Day gift. Just add art.  -Kristen

Purchase Lil DaVinci Art Cabinets at our affiliate Amazon.

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