Handmade baby clothes by Mountain Aven Baby
My very favorite word is cupcake, but I’m also a huge fan of funky, simple, and handmade. Luckily, those are the specialties of Mountain Aven Baby. Well, maybe not the cupcake part. But the other three.

We see loads of bibs and blankets, but what makes WAHM-run Mountain Aven Baby special are the eye-catching fabrics and meticulous artistry. We’re not talking clearance cotton from Hancock Fabrics here. Her bibs — many of which are on sale now — are backed with lush chenille and splashed with gorgeous, unusual designs from hedgehogs to vegetables to sock monkeys.

The reversible dresses have been thoughtfully planned with prints so cute that I can’t decide which side to wear first, and they all come with sweet pearl snaps. And the adorable lounge sets go beyond the pink vs. blue convention to provide mod unisex choices from bamboo to sushi to horses. This is a shop that shows what two hands and a sharp eye can truly accomplish. ~Delilah

Visit Mountain Aven Baby on Etsy and use coupon code coolmom10 for 10% off your purchase. See their Facebook page for special deals, too.


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