10 Years Younger Makeup Finish
I will say, when you name a product 10 Years Younger Makeup Finish, the bar is pretty high. Not that I’m expecting Botox in a handy spray form, but you know. Ten years. That’s a lot of years younger.

For those of us with not-twenty-year-old skin, this light spray is a pretty swell choice especially as the weather is warming up. It hails from the cleverly named Skindinavia which focuses entirely on makeup finishes, the kind of thing brides, Vogue editors, and Zac Posen models adore. This one in particular is made to help your makeup from settling into the fine (or not so fine) creases in your skin as often happens as the day goes on, making you look slightly hellish oh, say around 3PM. Or is that just me? It also imparts a bit of radiance — nothing shiny or glittery, just sort of that hydrated look that make women look dewy. If you have oily skin to begin with though, you might be better off with the No More Shine product.

I was worried that a makeup finish would feel sticky or make me feel like I’ve shellacked my face, but nope. It’s actually a really nice light feeling and I’m trying to get myself in the habit of using it daily because I’ve been liking the results.

Do I look 30 again? Nope. But I’ll settle for my own age, only with less foundation streaks in my forehead.

If you’ve got a prom-aged daughter or a Dancing With the Stars contestant in your household, grab that Dance! Makeup Finish and give it a whirl. You might spare her the indignity of the shiny prom photos that so many of us have buried deep within hidden shoeboxes. Where, I’ll never tell. –Liz

Find the (paraben-free!) Ten
Years Younger Makeup Finish
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