Finding a baby hat I loved was like…well, something that was really hard. For some reason they were always too floppy, too stiff, or too cutesie (seriously, enough with the huge bows at the chin). But Rikshaw Design just nails it with their adorable new baby sunhat.

We first discovered this company’s lovely bohemian crib bedding and I’m so glad designer Catherine Fitzsimmons has taken the plunge into clothing and accessories. I love the simple, Indian-inspired unisex patterns like the booti, shown here. The cotton voile is machine washable (yay) and even the thin chin strap on the hat is the perfect width, with just the right amount of velcro.

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year 2010
I wish the hat came in bigger sizes, although the medium/large (12-24 months) does nearly fit my 3 year-old, so I’d imagine it will get a toddler through a couple of summers.

In fact if you like the hat and you’ve got a baby girl, get a pair of baby bloomers from Rikshaw in a contrasting pattern. Then sit back and behold the cuteness. –Liz

Find adorable baby sunhats and other baby clothing and accessories from Rikshaw Design.

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