There’s a curious trend right now, a vicious but lovely circle in which interior design for adults takes inspiration from art for children, which was in turn inspired by interior design for adults.

To put it succinctly, as we mentioned recently, design is going from the diaper changing table to the dinner table and back again.

And this, dear friends, is a good thing. It means more owls and whales and flowers for everyone, but with a chic edge. Take, for example, Lulabird. The quirky, clever clocks and wall art from this hip British outfit are all created with sustainable birch plywood and are designed, manufactured and hand-finished in the UK by two busy moms. So yes you pay about $14 US for shipping, but lasting value for all ages is priceless.

These pieces are so versatile, whether in a nursery, a tween room, or on your kitchen wall. And I’m happy to be a 32 year-old child, thank you very much. -Delilah

Find cool wall art and decor at
and use coupon code 10CMP for 10% off during the month of May. You can also follow the Lulabird blog for updates on new products and
colorful decorating ideas.


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